21st Apr, 2020

Love on the Battlefield

Millennium & Copthorne Hotels in the frontline against Covid-19 around the world

The Biltmore LA team with LAPD chief Michael Moore

In the face of the battle against Covid-19 in Singapore and around the world, Millennium & Copthorne Hotels (M&C) has committed to extending support to the communities it operates in, and is standing in solidarity with key frontline workers and healthcare professionals.

M&C, a subsidiary of listed property giant City Developments Limited, operates in 80 locations across 22 countries around the world including China, the US, the UK and New Zealand. It is the most globalised of local hotel groups and has experienced a major brunt of the pandemic. In turn, the hotel group has rolled out help programmes to public health authorities, medical workers and other frontline personnel in the locations it operates in.

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